The Birth of My Writing Career

As COVID-19 became a daily news item and more and more restrictions were placed on society in the interest of public health, I settled in for the long haul and began writing commentary about politics and current events. It became a daily habit and, when my local newspaper started to accept submissions for publication on the opinion page, I stumbled upon a little cottage industry. Inspiration for my writing comes from the daily news, the weather, what I'm reading and how I'm feeling. There is no rhyme nor reason, so the subject matter strays all over the map.

My first book, Pandemic Panacea, is a collection of my essays written during the first 8 months of the pandemic. It was self-published as an experiment to see how the process worked.  Recognizing the limitations of print media, I also decided to start a Blog, posting the essays that are featured in the Concord Monitor and other musings.

In addition to writing essays, I have been working on a biography about my father since 2018.  That work has finally been completed and two more self-published books are the end result.  To learn more about each of my books, click on "Learn More."

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