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How Writing Became My Salvation

Pandemic Panacea

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ISBN 978-0-578-83735-2

100 pages

Pandemic Panacea is a must-read, taking its readers on a journey in the step-by-step emergence of a dynamic writer.  It shows how the unnerving moments of 2020 motivated a woman to establish a daily routine of writing, soon evolving into a series of compelling essays, all published in a New Hampshire newspaper.   From a moving account of the impact of World War II on her father, a high-ranking U.S. officer at Okinawa, to engaging commentaries charting the unpredictable course of events in 2020, Colt delivers essays with injections of wit and opinion that culminate in a page-turning delight. Interwoven are the reminders of how her writing discipline helped her to navigate a rugged year.  As she says, routines don’t have to be mundane. And, in this case, they led to a memorable work of art.”  


              ------ Ann Hagedorn, author of several narrative non-fiction books, including Beyond the River, Savage Peace, and Sleeper Agent, released in 2021 by Simon and Schuster.

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