Public Education

To ensure the existence of a strong democracy, the public education system needs to be adequately funded and supported by the community and the state. Public education should be responsive to the needs of young people and should encourage a strong partnership between parents, teachers and administration. High-quality teachers must be recruited, developed, monitored, and retained to engage each and every child to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally in a positive and innovative learning environment. It should include in-depth learning and high standards in an equitable way that guarantees opportunities and stellar outcomes for everyone. Achieving these goals will produce students that society is proud to send out in the world to become the next leaders, innovators, and contributing members of society.

Reproductive Freedom

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I will do everything in my power to defend the right to an abortion, fight for women’s access to full reproductive health care and support healthy pregnancies. I would vote to approve a constitutional amendment to preserve an individual’s reproductive rights and privacy, which is central to their liberty and dignity.

Human & Civil Rights

I will protect human and civil rights of all of New Hampshire’s citizens, including: the LGBTQIA+ community’s right to be free from discrimination, to marry, and to live and raise their families without interference; and the BIPOC and AAPI community’s right to be free from discrimination and systemic racism.

No Landfill in Dalton

I am committed to preventing Casella from building a landfill in Dalton and will work to pass solid waste reform throughout the state. The impact of a massive landfill in Dalton will not only impact Dalton but would impact the environmental and public health of surrounding towns like Whitefield and Carroll. HB 1454 was designed to create a new method for determining how far landfills should be from bodies of water. It passed on a strong bipartisan vote, but Gov. Sununu vetoed it. If I were in the legislature, I would vote to override the veto to protect Forest Lake.

Economic Development & the Environment

In the post COVID era, there is a shortage of workers to sustain the tourism and the service and business industry in the North Country. We need to focus some economic development resources toward supporting businesses so they can take down the “Help Wanted” signs and provide a livable wage to workers so they can provide for themselves and their families with just one job; encourage our youth to go into the trades through access to apprenticeship programs; encourage workers to move to the North Country to fill the job vacancies and lower the median age that will sustain the area for the future; and provide adequate and affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, and strong safety nets for workers and their families. In conjunction with economic development, part of the resources need to be dedicated to reversing the effects of climate change so the economy we are developing is not damaging the environment in which we are developing. The goal would be to create a Main Street in every town that everyone in the community would take pride in.

Truthfully Teaching History

Teaching history honestly is the only way to ensure that the bad history is not repeated. That includes healthy discussions of colonization at the expense of the Native Americans, slavery at the expense of Africans, the Revolutionary War, the truth about the “founding fathers,” the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow and segregation, on up to the civil rights laws that were passed in the 1960’s. It includes talking about current events and the existence of systemic racism and how it impacts society. Teaching this history is not “critical race theory,” as has been asserted by Republicans. CRT is an academic framework utilized in higher education and is not taught in K-12. History is also not divisive, unless it is taught incorrectly.

Justice System Reform

Having practiced as a private practitioner and in the public sector, I am keenly aware of the lack of access to the court system for low-income people. The quality of justice should not be determined by the amount of money an individual possesses. In NH, there is a shortage of access to quality legal assistance by indigent criminal defendants. The Public Defender’s office is understaffed and underfunded. This needs to be rectified. Indigent parents who face termination of their parental rights also have a right to legal assistance, along with people who are subject to involuntary commitment. There needs to be more help provided through the state for those individuals. Additionally, more assistance needs to be funneled to civil legal services organizations like, 603 Legal Aid, New Hampshire Legal Assistance, and the NH Disability Rights Center.